Our Story

We are a team of New Yorkers passionate about tackling the pressing environmental and cost prohibitive issues facing New York’s funerary infrastructure. After studying the current system, we were troubled by how New Yorkers are being priced out of the burial tradition leaving cremation as their sole transitionary option. This dynamic is particularly challenging for those who may not desire cremation due to its environmental concerns. We believe every New Yorker should have the liberty to choose a method that aligns with their financial, environmental, and personal desires. Citygrove is working to introduce the accelerated decomposition method of Natural Organic Reduction as an alternative funerary option.

Controlled Decomposition

The accelerated decomposition method was pioneered by Katrina Spade and the Recompose team. During a 30 day decomposition, the body is fully transitioned from its current form into a nutrient-rich soil. The method is completely natural and does not use machine or chemical treatment. The soil that is produced can then be reintroduced into the ecosystem to support the sustainability of life.

Our Mission

In a community-led effort, Citygrove will work to amend New York legislation to allow for the method of natural organic reduction.

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