How does Natural Organic Reduction work?

A body is placed in a vessel containing high carbon materials such as dry leaves, woodchips, and alfalfa. The curated ecosystem creates the perfect environment for accelerated decomposition. During the 30 day process, microorganisms naturally heat the pile up to 170 degrees and transition the body into soil.

Is it safe for the environment?

Years of rigorous scientific testing proved that the soil biproduct was perfectly safe and organic. The sustained heat produced by the microorganisms effectively breaks down all dangerous pathogens, producing a natural soil testing well within all regulated pollutant levels.

What happens to the bones and teeth?

The highly curated environment allows the microorganisms to reduce even the densest, calcium-rich bones and teeth into soil in 30 days.

How long does the Natural Organic Reduction process take?

It takes about 30 days for the body (including bones and teeth) to fully decompose into soil.

Does the process involve machine processing or chemical treatment?

No. The process only requires carbon materials, oxygen, and a minimal amount of water.

Where is the method sanctioned?

Thanks to the work of Katrina Spade and Recompose, Washington is the first state to legalize natural organic reduction.

Who is Recompose?

The Natural Organic Reduction method was pioneered by Katrina Spade and the Recompose team. Partnering with Washington State University, Recompose completed research on the accelerated decomposition method, confirming the scientific process and its environmental safety. In 2019, the Recompose team successfully legalized natural organic reduction in Washington.

Washington State Composting Bill

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